Speirs Gumley’s innovative schools partnership gives Rosshall Academy pupils a taste of a career in property trades

We will be delivering an innovative career event on 22 March which will give hundreds of pupils from Rosshall Academy in Crookston a taste of a trades careers in the property industry.  This event aims to help more young people find a job by sharing insights on employment opportunities in the property sector.

We organised the Trades Day, after signing up to the Glasgow Schools & Business Partnership programme, which was established by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Glasgow City Council.

The initiative encourages employers to partner up with a secondary school, actively participate in developing young people at the school, and help teachers to better understand the needs of different occupations and industry sectors. The aim is to increase employability by improving school leavers’ readiness for the world of work.

On Trades Day, we will bring together around 20 tradespeople from across the industry, including electricians, plumbers, builders, gas and lift engineers.  They will visit the school and meet with pupils, offering valuable insight into their particular trade and answering a range of questions about how to get into the industry. Lorraine MacDonald, Senior Partner of Speirs Gumley said: “Speirs Gumley is passionate about making a difference to the local community and giving something back.  As a property management and lettings company, we work with various trades on a daily basis and we have encouraged these businesses to take part in this important event.  The participation of Speirs Gumley and our business associates will help to showcase these important and rewarding career options to pupils. The pupils attending will also gain crucial information on what the next steps would be if they are interested in a trades career.   We’re excited about the potential of this important partnership programme.”

Stephen Murphy, Assistant Head Teacher at Rosshall Academy said: “We are looking forward to the Speirs Gumley Trades Day being a great success and anticipate over 300 interested pupils coming along. Some of our pupils aren’t looking to go on to further education, but may not always be aware of the alternatives available to them, so to be able to meet people who have learned such a wide range of trades and have a chat with them about what their jobs are like was an excellent opportunity. I am very grateful to Speirs Gumley for their partnership with Rosshall Academy and continuing support in what is an extremely worthwhile initiative.”

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