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We have been responding to the challenges following the Government’s decision to impose a lockdown for all non-essential services in their attempts to limit the spread of Coronavirus.  Our ground maintenance and cleaning contractors were divided as to whether or not they were deemed to be an essential service in terms of this guidance, however, some matters were clarified last week by Scotland’s First Minister, who made clear that, ‘If they can go about their business safely, this can be good for the community and we would encourage them to do so…’

It is impossible to provide development specific guidance on our website, as the position varies from contractor to contractor.  For example, one large ground maintenance company we employ on behalf of clients has indicated that it is possible to deliver a reduced service, by having fewer operatives travelling to site and observing social distancing guidance.  Other companies have said it is not possible to observe distancing requirements, and for staff safety reasons, they have suspended their service.

We will seek to keep our clients updated and this will include advising you where any contractor is not able to fulfil their duties.  In some cases, this may also extend to stopping front lawn maintenance where this already formed part of the contractor’s scope of work.  If front lawn maintenance is not being carried out, clients will not be billed.  Clients who ordinarily receive this service, may wish to cut their own front lawns, but we fully appreciate this will only be possible if you have the means available.  Contractors will resume such services as soon as practicable.  As we have said, the position is a constantly changing one, therefore our team will be emailing clients ‘development by development’ to advise owners to what extent services are specifically affected.

May we also remind owners that we previously recommended that play areas should be considered ‘out of bounds’ during the lockdown.  Maintenance contractors have also postponed risks assessment of the play areas.  However, if you have any concerns about any obvious defects with play equipment, the contractor has indicated they can provide a reactive service, in which case, please notify our repairs team who will assist you.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the many clients who have written to our team with kind wishes, and offering their thanks, for the continuation of our services during such difficult circumstances.  Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you require any assistance.  If you do not have the direct dial telephone number or email address of your main contact, you can call our switchboard on 0141 332 9225.  You can also reach us at

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