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We are continuing to monitor the advice of Government and making preparations for a return to the office environment when the current lockdown is lifted.  It appears very likely that any post lockdown return will have to embrace a “new normal’ for some considerable time and we have been looking closely at existing working practices within the office to see how these can be adapted in line with new guidance.  Safety of our staff is paramount of course, and we will be taking every sensible step at our disposal, which allows us to continue to function fully as a business.

We have been delighted that our preparations for the remote working of our entire workforce from home have been so successful, which has been vital in ensuring that we could continue to deliver our management service across all departments.  Regular communication with our clients has been a key aspect of this, as has our engagement with contractors to ensure that contracts have continued wherever possible and safe to do so.  We have also embraced new methods of communications such as group video conference meetings with some clients and contractors, which has been well received.  This has given us food for thought for the future with the possibility of evening meetings using this format, where meeting in person isn’t possible.  It seems likely that the entire business community will have to become accustomed to these new ways of working in the post coronavirus era, at least until such time as a vaccine is found for Covid-19.

We appreciate that this has been a particularly worrying time for all of us and we know that there is still a long road ahead before we get back to some sense of normal.  Until that time please be assured that we will be doing our utmost as your agent to look after your property.   If you need to speak with us about any specific maintenance matter or you feel isolated and simply need to have a chat with your property inspector or manager about the services or the general management of your property, please do not hesitate to call us on 0141 332 9225.

A further update is expected from the Scottish Government following the 7  May review date at which time we will provide any relevant updates for our clients, through the website, and we will continue to issue bespoke updates for your building by letter, or email, where specific issues need to be communicated.   

Take care and please stay safe.


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