Contractor Procurement

We have reviewed our current procurement and contractor management processes and are changing how we collect and update Health & Safety and Insurance documents.

We now use the SafeContractor accreditation scheme to manage the procurement of our appointed contractors, and we will be phasing out our own internal processes. We believe that this approach to procurement will bring benefits to Speirs Gumley, their preferred suppliers and our clients. Principally this will ensure that all our appointed contractors are properly assessed for key competences and help us deliver a consistent approach to the appointment of contractors on behalf of our clients.

Who are SafeContractor and what do they do?

SafeContractor are a UK wide Health & Safety assessment scheme with over 27,000 contractor members. They assess the Health & Safety practices of contractors to ensure every company we use has the correct qualifications and processes to ensure the safety of employees, other contractors, residents and the public whilst working at properties we manage.

Why do Speirs Gumley want to use contractors who are SafeContractor accredited?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations were recently revised and have created specific legal requirements on homeowners who are having any kind of construction work carried out by a contractor at their property. As your managing agent we can assist you in complying with these requirements to protect you and your legal liabilities. By solely using contractors who are members of SafeContractor, we can ensure all contractors appointed on your behalf have successfully completed a formal competency assessment. More information can be found on the HSE website here.

Can I use a contractor from a different accreditation scheme?

Speirs Gumley will only consider working with companies who are members of SafeContractor as we feel they provide the most comprehensive assessment of Health & Safety practices. However, there are many accreditation schemes out there which come under the umbrella of Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), such as CHAS and SMAS. If a company is already a member of a different SSIP scheme, they are able to fast-track the SafeContractor registration process. However, we cannot instruct them to carry out any work until they have completed this joining process.

Do we need contractors to have this accreditation for small jobs?

The new legal requirements apply to all construction work regardless of the size or duration of the job.

Can I instruct a local company who is not accredited and Speirs Gumley can pay them?

If you wish to appoint a contractor who is not on our preferred list, we cannot instruct them nor settle their invoice on your behalf. If you instruct a contractor to carry out common work and settle their invoice we can however seek to recover the cost from the joint owners and reimburse you.

Does Speirs Gumley receive any financial gain from working with exclusively with SafeContractor?

There is no financial incentive to us deciding to work with SafeContractor, the benefit to us is that we will not have to pursue contractors for paperwork when their insurance policies renew as SafeContractor will do this.

Will it cost a contractor to join SafeContractor?

There is a fee to become a member of SafeContractor, this is based on the size of the company and is a relatively small cost which can be recovered via tax returns as a business cost. Existing SSIP members will receive a discount on the joining fee. This fee is paid directly to SafeContractor and Speirs Gumley receive no part of it.

SafeContractor also provide member benefits to those contractors who join their scheme such as 24hour Health & Safety advice and trade discounts. More information on joining fee’s and benefits can be found here.


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