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We understand that today’s busy schedules mean that you may not be able to contact us during office hours, so we want to make it easier for you to notify us of any issues at your property that require attention. If there are repairs required at your property please complete the form below, providing full details and a photograph of the area in question if possible, and we will ensure the matter is attended to, if the fault has not been resolved within two working days please give us a call to let us know.

Each homeowner is responsible for ensuring their property is well maintained and they have a legal obligation to ensure the property is safe for people entering or leaving. You may be a homeowner of a flat or a house that has shared responsibility for common areas; this is therefore an extension of your own home. If you note or are aware of any defects at your property that are considered to be unsafe then you as an occupier have a responsibility to make it safe, take action if required and warn other homeowners or visitors of the hazard. Please ensure any hazards or repairs of an urgent nature are reported to our office as soon as possible. If the hazard has not been resolved within 24 hours you must call our office again.

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