service update – keys

Whilst we have arranged for all of our staff to work from home we recognise that many of our clients and contractors will require access to areas within buildings to carry out essential maintenance and as such we have implemented a process that allows keys to be collected from our office, by appointment, between the hours of 2pm-5pm Monday – Friday.

If you, or a contractor acting on your behalf, requires keys for access please contact our office either by telephone 0141 332 9225 or by email to to make the necessary arrangements.  There are strict guidelines in place to help facilitate this process and we would ask for your cooperation to allow us to continue to provide this service.


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service update – contractors

We are in regular communication with our contractors regarding the services they are able to provide.

Our contractors service provision is based on current Government guidance and they are adapting as relevant information and guidance is provided.

We will contact affected owners with updates as soon as possible.



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continuation of service

This is undoubtedly an extremely worrying time for many of our customers, so we want to reassure you that we are still here for you, servicing your property management needs.  Our team is working from home and can be contacted through their normal direct dial lines.  If you do not have the direct dial number of the person you wish to speak with, please contact our main switchboard on 0141 332 9225, and we will redirect your call.  Whilst emailing might seem like an appropriate way to communicate at times like this, self-isolation makes it even more important that we speak with one another, so please don’t hesitate to call if you can.

Some services have been disrupted, for example, common area cleaners and grounds maintenance contractors.  A number of companies have decided to suspend operations following the statement last night from the Government that ‘non-essential’ services should stop.   We will communicate  with clients affected on a development by development basis, via email over the next couple of days. We hope that this critical isolation period can be relaxed soon, as many clients appreciate the value that these services bring to large and small developments.  Having contacted many of the companies concerned, they have assured us that they are ready to reinstate services quickly and safely when the Government determines that is appropriate to do so.

Getting access to basic essentials can be a challenge for elderly and vulnerable people.  We have seen development owners rallying together to help neighbours which has both inspired and spirits at a much needed time.  If you think you can help a neighbour please do, or if you are concerned about someone, please contact us as we may possibly hold alternative family contact details

Please stay safe and well and remember to always maintain good hygiene as the first line of defence against this virus


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service update – play areas

Some local authorities, but not all, have taken steps to close children’s play areas to prevent the spread of COVID- 19 (Coronavirus).  Whilst this does not extend to play areas within private developments, we strongly advise against the use of these play areas, until the threat of this virus being spread is eradicated.

We cannot physically close play areas, but we would draw your attention to guidance which suggests that ‘the amount of infectious virus on any contaminated surface is likely to have decreased significantly, but only after 72 hours’…. ‘we also know that similar viruses are transferred to and by people’s hands, and therefore frequent hand hygiene and regular decontamination of frequently touched environmental and equipment surfaces, will help to reduce the risk of infection transmission’.

Knowing that play area equipment is not routinely disinfected, and given that we cannot be sure if anyone using the equipment, are themselves unaffected by this virus, it is critical, during this period of “stay at home”, and beyond if necessary, that children are advised by their parents, carers or guardians, not to use play areas or equipment, for their own safety and well-being, and to prevent the unnecessary spread of Coronavirus.

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service update – general trades

Following the latest Government guidance many of the contractors on our preferred list are complying with the “stay at home” policy.  We have also been made aware that various suppliers/merchants have closed so contractors may find it difficult to source materials.

We are in regular communication with all of our contractors and will provide updates when further information is available.

Contractors will still be able to attend to emergencies.  If you require an emergency tradesmen please contact our main switchboard on 0141 332 9225.

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service update – cleaning and gardening

The provision of cleaning and gardening at our developments is essential to ensure that properties are well maintained however, in light of the recent Government guidance many companies are complying with the “stay at home” policy and as such will be unable to provide regular service at least in the short term.

We are in communication with contractors on our preferred list and will provide further updates as soon as they are available.

If cleaning contractors provide a bin rotation/presentation service at your development this will continue to ensure that refuse is uplifted by the local authority.

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Fire Safety in Common Areas campaign – Keeping safe from fire in your high rise building

Whilst we are currently living through unprecedented circumstances, fire safety remains a top priority especially now with more people staying at home during the day. We have been asked to assist in promoting fire safety information for people that live in high rise buildings, with particular attention on fire safety in the common areas of the building.

You may recall that the Scottish Government developed and distributed fire safety information leaflets to residents of high rise buildings in December 2019-January 2020. To build on this safety messaging the Government have developed a fire safety poster for common areas, this can be found at the following link:

We would ask that you view the poster and observe the guidance.

The government have also developed a digital fire safety toolkit, which can be found at the following link: This toolkit provides some advice and information on actions you can take to improve fire safety in your high rise buildings.


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We, like everyone, are preparing for the worst case scenario in relation to the worldwide Coronavirus (COVID – 19) pandemic.  At the moment, our business is responding based on the specific guidance issued by UK Government and the NHS.   The best available advice to date, suggests it is inevitable that businesses all across the country will be disrupted to some degree or another by the outbreak.

We are taking every precaution, within reason, to protect our staff, whilst maintaining as full a service as possible for our customers and the following practical measures have been implemented:

  • Contingency plans have been made for staff to work from home, wherever required
  • Property inspections shall continue as planned however greeting clients on site is suspended
  • Staff car sharing has been implemented to restrict commuting via public transport
  • Staff direct dial numbers will be diverted to mobile phones, wherever required, in home working situations

We do not believe that you should have any difficulty contacting us by telephone, but if for any reason you do, please email with details of your query. You can also get in touch via the contact forms on our website, or via our mobile app.

We plan to maintain our general business terms and conditions, and our Written Statement of Service, as fully as we can, however, please bear in mind that Government directives could take matters out of our hands and ultimately impact on our services levels. Please also bear in mind that any Management service is dependent upon the availability of service from contractors whose service might also be significantly impacted by this outbreak.

We will continue to monitor the developing situation and keep you updated where this is likely to impact on the provision of service. We hope that you, and those closest to you, remain safe and well during this difficult time.

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Severe Weather Conditions

The Met Office has issued a YELLOW warning regarding storm Brendan and the predicted high winds and rain have begun to impact throughout Scotland.  The warning could change quickly and we recommend checking updates regularly from the Met office website or on their twitter feed.

It is possible that some of our clients will be affected by property damage and will need emergency assistance and we would like to reassure you that we are on hand to help should this be the case.  In preparation for higher demand we have taken sensible measures to help our clients through the extreme weather event should you need it :

  • Prescheduled property inspections have been cancelled and all staff will remain in the office to take client calls
  • Contractors providing emergency assistance have been contacted to ensure that they have the resources in place to deal with as many call outs as possible
  • Our claims team are prepared for higher than normal volumes of claims
  • Our clients have access to contractors out of normal office hours via our main telephone number 0141 332 9225 or 0131 221 2266
  • Your buildings insurers have been contacted and will be on stand-by for higher than normal claims volumes
  • Your insurance broker has delegated authority with your insurer to quickly agree assistance in emergency claims situations and avoid delays for homeowners in urgent repair matters

Please bear in mind that resources of our pool of contractors are finite, and could be quickly stretched in weather events such as this.  It may therefore not be possible for them to attend to every out of hours call received.  In such instances you should take whatever reasonable measure you can to protect your property.  The information below should help you make a decision as to how best to act

General safety

  • Don’t walk under or near scaffolds, or any area, which could easily be susceptible to high winds
  • Out of office hours – report any concerns over potentially dangerous situations to the Police or Fire Scotland – eg dangerous hanging aerials, slates coming off roofs , evidence of mortar falling.  The Police have the powers in relevant circumstances to cordon off or close roads, and alert the Local Authority Building Control to take any steps in the interest of Public Safety
  • DON’T assume that others have reported dangerous matters which could affect the Public – please call 101 to report it   

Urgent maintenance issues affecting you

  • Water ingress via your roof – contractors will not be able to access areas which are exposed, or at height, such as roofs or parapets, during extreme weather.  It will not be safe and the contractors will be unable to carry out any repairs
  • Temporary repairs may have to wait until the extreme weather subsides
  • If you are experiencing water ingress to your flat, pierce ceiling plaster to prevent water build up / bulging of plaster
  • Place a container in any areas subject to water ingress where you can do so safely, to mitigate damage
  • Move any furniture or electrical goods away from any point of ingress to protect it
  • If water is coming in through electrical light pendants, switches or sockets do not use power. Switch off the supply at the mains and call an electrician.  It may not be possible to turn your electrical supply back on until it is examined by a qualified contractor
  • If you cannot access a contractor via our out of hours number, please make arrangements for any qualified contractor to deal with urgent repairs situations linked to the storm conditions – we will ensure that any costs you incur in call out charges form part of a buildings claim for any damage

Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any claim  situation, and please stay safe !

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