Major Repairs Scheme gets underway

130814 (5) - CopyOne of the most prominent buildings in the Finnieston area is to undergo a major repairs scheme following the success of our Residential Management team securing grant funding from Glasgow City Council on behalf of the property owners.

Significant works were required to the building and while the property owners were keen to proceed the costs involved were proving prohibitive.  Our repairs team and property inspector worked closely with the owners and Glasgow City Council resulting in substantial funding being secured which has now allowed the works to go ahead.

Recent reports such as the Glasgow Factoring Commission findings published in January of this year have recognised that there has been a general deterioration of buildings in the city due to under investment from property owners.  As property managers we will do whatever we can to ensure buildings are maintained to the highest possible standard however ultimately if there is a lack of funds then works may not proceed.

The success of this repairs scheme shows that by working together owners, property managers and local authorities can ensure that essential works are carried out which will not only protect the owners’ investment but also help maintain the outstanding heritage of our city.


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