Looking for a New Managing Agent?

If you're looking to change management agent then contact Speirs Gumley today!


If you are interested in changing managing agent we can help you through each stage of the process. In the initial stages we would attend a meeting to discuss the management requirements, allowing us to first of all establish if we can in fact help. We would then provide a report based on our findings, highlighting all relevant details required for you to change agent including a prioritised list of issues such as transfer of data, introduction to co proprietors or landlords/tenants, placement of insurance etc

If we were to be appointed we can assure you of;
• Tailored management to suit the requirements of everyone involved in terms of finance and service levels.
• Prioritised list of maintenance requirements
• Evaluation of existing appointed contractors based on cost, value for money and service.
• Site meeting with as many of the co proprietors/tenants to build relationships and trust.
• Regular inspections and reporting to clients throughout the term of appointment.
• Service charge accounting, quarterly in advance based on annual budget agreed with proprietors or Landlord/tenant(s)
• A strict credit control policy

We know that every building is different and each should be dealt with on its own merits therefore the first step to making the change is to give us a call, we will be delighted to discuss your requirements and tailor a proposal to suit.

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