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Our dedicated insurance team will deal with your claim from start to finish, often easing the stress in difficult circumstances.

Common Insurance

Your home is likely to be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Covering your property under a common buildings policy is without doubt the best way to insure tenement blocks and large flatted developments. It safeguards all homeowners against the potential perils associated with individual flat owners not insuring, underinsuring or not sufficiently covering the common areas. This is why the majority of Deed of Conditions (Title Deeds) place obligations on owners to collectively insure under a single policy, through the managing agent. More recently, we have seen local authorities making it a condition of repair grants that blocks have common policies in place.

Insurance Reinstatement Value

It is essential that all owners insure for the full reinstatement value of the whole property including all common infrastructure areas, against all general risks. BCIS (RICS – Building Cost Information Service) recommends that property sums insured are professionally revalued at least once every 5 years. Further information is available here from BCIS. We can obtain quotations from professional valuation surveyors for an IRV, but please bear in mind that often we don’t have the authority to do so without explicit consent from a majority of owners in a block or development.

If you are concerned that you may not have had a revaluation in the past 5 years, or you feel your sum insured might not meet current reinstatement values, please contact us to discuss this further and we can arrange quotations for an IRV survey.

Water Damage

Escape of water is the most common reason for insurance claims. Our brokers have prepared a guide to help you understand why claims are increasing and what you can do to minimise the risk. You can download the guide in PDF format below.

Placing Insurance

We place common insurance on your behalf typically as a requirement of your property Deed of Conditions, or as instructed by the Co-Owners. We do not have any underwriting authority nor do we give insurance advice; we will seek the advice of professional brokers who are instructed to market insurance contracts periodically and search for the best available terms based on specific criteria. Our insurance team will assist you as fully as possible throughout any claims process.

Make a claim

Our claims team are on hand to assist you in placing your claim; if you need help please call us on 0141 332 9225. Details of how to make a claim can be downloaded in PDF format below.


Nominated insurance contractors

Details of nominated contractors are listed below for your convenience should you require access to specialist insurance contractors. You are not obliged to use these contractors and we do not provide specific recommendation. You may obtain estimate(s) from your own chosen contractor.

These contractors cover Glasgow, Ayr, Prestwick, Edinburgh, Stirling and Greenock.

Eagle Contracts (Scotland) Ltd

Total Reinstatement Services