Our office will be closed from Thursday 24 December  at 1pm and will reopen again at 9am on Tuesday 5 January 2021, however, we do have limited contractor availability to assist in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Assistance

Thankfully the weather over the festive period does not look set to be extreme although we can expect a somewhat damp Christmas 2020.   If you are unfortunate enough to need emergency assistance, we would like to reassure you that we do still have availability from contractors albeit this is limited depending on resources and weather conditions.  If you require an emergency tradesman outwith normal office hours please call 0141 332 9225 and follow our automated system, or click here for details of our emergency contractors.  If for any reason you are unable to connect to any of the contractors please make alternative arrangements and notify us at repairs@speirsgumley.com or call us during normal office hours on the next working day to discuss if you can be reimbursed for any common repairs call out charge.

Urgent maintenance general advice

  • Water ingress via your roof – contractors will not be able to access areas which are exposed, or at height, such as roofs or parapets, during extreme weather.  It will not be safe and the contractors will be unable to carry out any repairs
  • Temporary repairs may have to wait until the extreme weather subsides
  • If you are experiencing water ingress to your flat, pierce ceiling plaster to prevent water build up / bulging of plaster
  • Place a container in any areas subject to water ingress where you can do so safely, to mitigate damage
  • Move any furniture or electrical goods away from any point of ingress to protect it
  • If water is coming in through electrical light pendants, switches or sockets do not use power. Switch off the supply at the mains and call an electrician.  It may not be possible to turn your electrical supply back on until it is examined by a qualified contractor
  • If you cannot access a contractor via our out of hours number, please make arrangements for any qualified contractor to deal with urgent repairs situations linked to the storm conditions – we will ensure that any costs you incur in call out charges form part of a buildings claim for any damage

Insurance claims

Details of how to raise an insurance claim is available under our insurance page.  If we hold common buildings insurance for your property and you have a buildings claim emergency, please contact Questgate Loss adjusters on 07793 470646 quoting your policy number (if you have it) , or otherwise your insured address.  This number should be used for emergencies only and NOT for general claims.

Advice on freezing conditions :  

Temperatures can drop to extremely low levels during winter and can cause pipes in your home to freeze. When there’s a sudden rise in temperature this can cause frozen pipes to burst.  In order to help prevent  burst pipes you can take the following steps:

  • Insulate your boiler and lag the pipes.
  • Drain down any water tanks if you are going to be away for an extended period
  • Keep your central heating on a ‘frost’ setting to combat freezing conditions if you are going to be away for an extended period
  • Ensure taps are turned off properly, especially last thing at night
  • Know where the internal stop/tap valve is (usually under the kitchen sink) and how to turn it off

Finally, we all appreciate that this has been a very challenging year for many of our residential and commercial clients.  We hope that next year will be a much more positive one for all of you and we extend to each of you warm Christmas wishes.  All that is left is to do is sign off by saying cheerio and good riddance to 2020, here’s to a better 2021.






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