Congratulations Glasgow’s West End

Urbanism Awards Winner Announced

The Academy of Urbanism has today announced the winners of the prestigious 2014 Urbanism Awards.

Marseille was the big winner on the day, coming in just ahead of Istanbul and Malmö to walk away with The European City of the Year Award.

Other winners included Cork in The Great Town Award, Glasgow’s West End in The Great Neighbourhood Award, London’s Lamb’s Conduit Street in The Great Street Award and Birmingham’s Custard Factory in The Great Place Award.

The Awards recognise the best, most enduring or most improved urban environments. Votes came from over 500 Academicians, who include leading architects, planners and developers from across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Members decide on a number of social, economic and environmental factors, including good governance and vitality.

The results have demonstrated that successful places involve a good network of committed partners and a long term vision that looks beyond political time-frames.

Kevin Murray, Chairman of The Academy of Urbanism, said:

“With these awards we are celebrating inspirational and heroic stories of places that are saved, turned around, rediscovered and rejuvenated. Great places don’t just happen, they are planned, shaped and supported by human endeavour.”

The winners are:

The European City of the Year -; Marseille
The Great Town Award-; Cork,Ireland
The Great Neighbourhood Award-; West End,Glasgow
The Great Street Award -; Lamb’sConduit Street,London
The Great Place Award-; Custard Factory,Birmingham

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